My name's Courtney Bishop, Your High Performance Coach, and I'll be your guide for this 3-day spiritual journey. 

I'm here to help you call upon the depths of who you really are - to follow what feels like home, brighten your life, and configure the world to your heart's delight. 💌

T h i s is where you reveal the richness of your magic. 💫 

Within this journey, we'll transport into a cozy, calm, vast, and vibrant space where you'll get to soften the noise, dive deeper into your blissful depths and simply be a witness, as you rest, harmonize & heal, align with your own rhythm, and walk away feeling rooted in who you are; centered, lighter, liberated, inspired & invigorated to embark upon your timeless vision 🧿

Speaking of vision, let's chat a little about what inspired Serenity...

If you've been here for a while, you know daily walks have been a ritual for me... for YEARS 👣 And on these walks, the sky & sea have always spoke to me. 🌊☁️

I have numerous memories over the years where I'm on a walk, and I glance up at the sky... in complete awe at it's vastness... while feeling so connected to it.
The same goes for my many trips to the water... the Grand River, oceans, Lake Michigan, etc. Just staring out at these waters, and being in complete awe at the vastness.

The water and sky energies have brought me such peace, clarity, and SERENITY being in & near them.

Therefore, I wanted to create an offering where I could help you tap into this serene, contemplative & creative state.

I specifically designed this 3-day journey for you, the creatrix or creative, to come together, tap into your own flow, and illicit more pure & intentional creative work. ❤️‍🔥

✨️ You're here to do incredible things, my friend. Let this be the space you arrive in to realize that 🙏🏻

You get to have it all 💎

Should this offering speak to you and move you, I'll be so excited to flow with you inside. 🌊

This is one of my favorite offerings to date, and is factually true to it's name. It is, indeed, Serenity.

So, again, if she speaks to you, I invite you in...

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