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My name's Courtney Bishop, Your High Performance Coach, and I'll be your guide for this strength and wellness journey...

I'm here to help you call upon the depths of who you really are - to follow what feels like home, brighten your life, and configure the world to your heart's delight. 💌

T h i s is where you reveal the richness of your magic. 💫 

Within this journey, you'll deepen your knowledge on all things strength training, conditioning, and wellness to help you Flourish. 🌱

I've been in the fitness & health industry for over a decade now, serving in different capacities along the way, and it's been my pleasure to help numerous athletes, lifestyle clients, and new coaches in-person and online reach their unique goals.. physically, mentally, spiritually, etc!

My most precious work is helping you integrate the holistic habits that most serve YOU to become a seamless part of your lifestyle so it enhances your quality of life, brings you into the power of now, and elevates not only you.. but everyone around you!!! 🌈
As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Trauma-Informed Registered Yoga Teacher, I have a unique lens which I view through. 🙏

My passion and specialty lies in helping women discover their true strength within through a combination of resistance training and mindfulness practices. There's nothing better than expanding & settling into higher levels of love and kindness, physically, mentally, etc. that you didn't know were possible to reach beyond!!! 💫

And, there's a grace within this process to be respected and honored as you approach those edges.. we cannot be too greedy in the process, but you do get to have it all.. moving with passion, grace, patience and determination in each step. 👣
My background lies in competing at the Local, State, Collegiate & National levels for Softball and Powerlifting, setting State records, and serving as a MI State Judge for the USAPL. I've worked with the local Community College as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Softball team for over three years. And, I've had the honor of guiding numerous private & public yoga & meditation classes virtually and in-person since 2019. Check out our many free, guided meditations on
The Pursuit of Authenticity Podcast. 🤍

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