My name's Courtney Bishop, Your High Performance Coach, and I'll be your guide for this 12 week movement & mindfulness program, Solidity. 

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist & Trauma-Informed Registered Yoga Teacher, I have a unique lens in which I view through. I believe there is a  beautiful balance in embracing your strength AND wellness, that allows your soul to thrive... and that's why I've created Solidity.

I'm here to help you call upon the depths of who you really are - to follow what feels like home, brighten your life, and move in a way which configures the world to your heart's delight.

T h i s is where you reveal the richness of
your magic. 💫 

You are firm in who you are. You are concrete.
And that is why you're here to personify, Solidity.

It's only up from here, boo, and I can't wait to see who you become throughout this journey. 👑

Our next round begins Sept 24.
Apply now to reserve your space.

All my best,
Coach Courtney

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