Move more like you, live slowly & design your life with intensionality

in this 12-week transformative journey to personify...

Inside Solidity...

  • WOMAN OF SOLIDITY MOVEMENT PROGRAM The basics never stop working, so we'll call on the timeless fundamentals in strength training, conditioning & stretching to provide the most return for your efforts. You'll be given a flexible framework of exercise selections to meet you where you're at, made up of 3-5 days to make best fit your schedule. (3-5 days/week)
  •  WEEKLY CELEBRATION CALLS This call will serve as a space to celebrate and chat as you share your wins, challenges, lessons, and learnings from the week. You'll be given opportunities to ask questions about your strength training, conditioning, and stretching program, or share how the weekly design principle topic is helping you to move and design your life with more intention. (Fridays at 10 am EST via Zoom)
  • WEEKLY MINDFULNESS & HEALING PRACTICES Our weekly calls will begin with a meditation practice to ground the energy, and round out with discussing a new design principle to focus on in the proceeding week to practice a slow living lifestyle and designing your life with more intensionality for greater healing, recovery & connection. (12 topics)
  • ​WOMEN OF SOLIDITY SUPPORT GROUP This group will provide a safe + fun space for you to be seen, felt, heard & held in the magic of other women who are also on a spiritual journey of self-discovery & learning to embody & become empowered in their essence. Opportunities to share intentions for the week, as well as celebrations are welcome!  (Facebook Group)

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